Unreasonable price increase for GRANDFATHERED pricing customer

here's the short of it.  We've been around a long time.  We have grandfathered pricing at $600/yr.  You are now asking for 4X that per year!  As a

small business that is DESTRUCTIVE to our margins and further it shows that LINNWORKS DOESN'T' CARE ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE THAT STUCK AROUND WHEN THEIR SOFTWARE BROKEN EVERY DAY OR TWO and dealt with the flaky interface for years before web started to appear.

When asked, Monika Ratniece <monika.ratniece@linnsystems.com> will not comment on why grandfathered customers no longer seem to matter to the company, nor why such a massive price increase was needed except that it's so that 'we all get unlimited support'.  I don't need unlimited support.  They need a better excuse for "WE ARE TRYING TO ROB EVERYONE BLIND THAT WE AREN'T ALREADY".

I have seen other forum topics popping up about this, even as far as covering topics of who we should switch to.  If customers are jumping ship, maybe you should all consider 1. taking care of your grandfathered customers with a REASONABLE price increase and 2. listening to your customers as they talk about leaving your services.

I'm putting this in 'report a problem' because clearly IT'S A PROBLEM for not just me but many others, and maybe many that didn't even speak up or left your services without even saying why!




Hello Brendan,

I do understand your concern, however forums is definitely not the right place to discuss such matters. The Price Change news were raised a few months ago already. There were multiple notifications, emails about this as well as a blog post where it is quite clear that this will affect everyone.


If you feel that your discussion with Sales Team is not going anywhere you can feel free to get in touch with our customer experience manager via email: management@linnsystems.com. You can request a callback there to discuss this matter and to find the best solution for you. 

Kirill Kossov

Linnworks Technical Team

"The forum is not the right place to discuss"?  Well what do you think forums are for?  It's for open discussion with customers about issues we have with your service.  I see this topic covered in other forum posts, it definately seems an appropriate 'forum' to discuss the 4X price increase placed on us with no more care towards your previously grandfathered (fairly) treated customers that went along with you for years.  It's less about the money and more about the principal of throwing a 4X increase in charges for effectively no gain of product functionality - claiming increased support is not a measurable gain for 4times the investment for a small business, plain and simple.  I'm clearly not the only person that feels this way on the forums and treating grandfathered customers with a 4X higher bill from $600 to $1900 is will feel like nothing less than robbery to the average business owner when you don't provide 4X more features or functionality along with it.


Hello Brendan, 
I have just called your phone number to discuss these matters with you in person. I will leave a reply with the ticket you have logged with us as well, I hope we can get in contact that way. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience Manager

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