specify UK Mail service as splittable

 I cannot find anywhere on the UK Mail integration, where I can specify that a service is splittable, in order to get multiple labels.

We have an existing account where the integration was done in linnworks desktop and with that there is a simple checkbox to make a service splittable.

We are now setting up a separate free account and linnworks desktop automatically takes me to for the integration and I can find nowhere to specify a service as splittable. I am assuming this is just another limitation of

Hi Ian,

This is not a limitation of If you split the packaging on the order it will automatically give you separate labels for each package when you print.

There is no need enable or disable the split packing per service option as this is done automatically now If you need separate labels.


I found the right click option on the order to split the packaging however this generated 2 labels with two different consignment numbers.

This is not what the desktop option of making a service splittable does. The desktop generates 2 labels with the same consignment number but 2 label numbers 1 & 2. There can be as many labels for the one consignment as you like and the customer only needs to track one number.

The way .net works the customer needs to track multiple consignment numbers.

Every courier we work with uses 1 consignment number with multiple labels for each package, not separate consignment numbers for each package.


I have found the package split option (rather than the order split option) and this does produce multiple labels for the same consignment. One question, can this work automatically if the order to be split is being processed by a Batch Pilot (label,invoice,process) as part of a group or will I need to split the packaging before running the Batch Pilot.


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