re: Purchase orders Optimal & Optimal + Safety Stock - how to?

 I've just been in contact with linnworks support to try and work this one out but to no avail.

We have a minimum level > 1 for any item that we stock that can be re-ordered from our supplier

Some items are seasonal so can't be re-ordered so all of those are set to a minimujm level of 0

This works fine if we are doing a PO and set it as a "To Min Level"

But if we try and do a Optimal or Optimal + Safety Level , the Min level we set per product is ignored and it creates a PO with items that we can no longer order in.

The reason for doing a PO with Optimal or Optimal + Safety is that it looks at how much we have sold within the date range and also the supplier lead time and decides that "this product seems popular based on previous sales you could do with upping your order on that"

Which in effect IT IS doing but it also includes items that we can't re-order so we have to go through each PO and delete out those items from it.

Does anyone have a workaround for this or advice on how they approach it themselves?

Hello Adam,

 Thank you for your question. The easiest way to remove seasonal items from the optimal & optimal + safety stock list is to mark the items as "Archived". Marking any item archived will tell Linnworks that the item is not available for customers and should not be reordered or updated to channels. Before you mark the item as "Archived" then make sure that the listings have ended as the mapping link will break (and Linnworks will no longer update the stock). In the beginning of next season, you would need to remap the items and unarchive them.

 The SKUs can be marked as "Archived" by just using inventory import as well. If you create a column in CSV file (can name it anything - just need to map it to "Archived") and fill it with either "Yes" or "No" then it's possible to archive SKUs in bulk (or unarchive for that matter).

 Documentation on the topic:

Linnworks Desktop - -

Inventory Import:

Hope this helps.

With Best Regards,


Linnworks Technical Support

No that doesn't really help as just because something is seasonal doesn't mean that you don't have it in stock at that time, it just means that you won't order anymore from the supplier.

What you described would only work on the premise that you've sold all your seasonal stock and don't have any left.


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