Woocommerce downloading pending / unpaid orders

Over the last week we have noticed that pending orders (unpaid), when the customer doesn't complete checkout after reaching Paypal are now downloaded to Linnworks same as the processed ones. Looking at the Woocommerce integration documentation, this is working as intended. Obviously these orders in Linnworks are marked as unpaid so don't get dispatched, but it seems a little strange when most if not all other channel orders are only downloaded in the processed status (paid).

Is there a technical reason for it to work this way on Woocommerce, and what has changed recently to have it now operate this way?

It's not a really big issue but these pending unpaid / abandoned orders are allocated stock on Linnworks which can obviously produce inaccurate stock quantities on all the other channels, and we also need to keep canceling these orders off Linnworks each time it happens. 

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I've picked up the ticket you have created 2 days ago: 

Within that ticket, could you please provide me with an example of such an order? We would like to re-download it from our end.

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Wiil do, thanks for quick response Andrii

Was this solved?

Hi Furhan

I still think it's strange to download unpaid orders and allocate stock to them, but Linnworks says its working as intended.

Linnworks integartion should have the option to tick "download pending payment orders" or not and that will solve the issue 

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