Invoice templates for 6x4 inch labels across 2 labels (1 for despatch details, 1 for shipping label)


We currently use Aimco Packing Partner and looking to switch to Linnworks so we can benefit from the inventory features.

However Packing Partner allows us to use the free 6x4inch thermal shipping labels to print our dispatch note details on one label followed by the shipping label on the next label, so each order uses 2 labels.

This is instead of having to use integrated labels which we would have to pay for, as well as pay for toner, drums, fuser and transfer belt for the laser printer. theral labels are free from Royal Mail and there are no other consumables for thermal printers. This process works really well as the order details are kept together with the shipping label, not on a separate roll of labels that would be possible to get mixed up.

Please can you implement this capability?

I tried setting up an invoice template using 2 pages as 6x4inch labels, but it didn't work. It doesn't seem like a huge effort to make this work, and would make printing out orders with shipping labels efficient and cheap/free for Royal Mail customers. Also since these are 6x4inch labels, this can also be used for most courier labels too.

This is 1 feature that keeps me using Packing Partner, holding me back from using Linnworks for our orders.

Thank you


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Definitely need this.  Several of us discussing this on the Linnworks Facebook group.  This would be a good saving for us and many other users if the templates could have multiple pages.

You can currently print dispatch notes and labels onto 6x4 labels, the two just work separately at the moment you would have to print all your orders out first then print the labels separately, if you put a barcode on the dispatch note you could scan it to print a postage label (this is a workaround)

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