Force 'Overwirte' Stock Levels on listings - Individual Listings and bulk

Please can we have a button or option to trigger linnworks run the 'update stock level' process for a listing and / or multiple listings.

The trigger would force linnworks to override and update the current stock levels on a listing. A user could select multiple listings and bulk update levels to the listing platform. (Similar to the 'update listing description' feature currently available)

Currently you can only trigger the stock level update if you change the stock level from linnworks. But if stock level is correct in linnworks and becomes out of sync in the listing then you cannot tell linnworks to update on the fly.

User Story / Example:

Magento example - We have released inventory held in 1000's of old "pending payment" orders accidently simply by 'cancelling' these orders in magento. We now have stock levels out of sync with Linnworks and no easy way to tell Linnworks to go ahead and overwrite stock levels on magento!

Many thanks!


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To be honest, right now i'd take a work-around or a hack to sort this out. Surely others must have had similar issues with this??

Hello Will,

 Thank you for your question. Since we don't have this feature in our system at the moment then all I can suggest is a workaround. If you create a CSV file by either exporting the inventory using "Export Data" or by manually writing it yourself then that file could be used to edit the stock levels in bulk. The CSV file should only contain the child items (so no composite or variation parents).

 If you export data then you can filter our "Is Variation Parent" to get variation parents removed from the file and then in order to find composite parents in the variation then you can also export "Stock minimum level at location" (for that to work without exporting duplicate SKUs then you would need to filter the stock location to one location as well). Once exported then sort the "Stock minimum level at location" and delete all rows from the file that have the minimum level of '-1'. After deleting those rows then you will only be left with child SKUs or individual SKUs (with no dependency relation).

 Now you can actually clear the whole file so that you only have the SKU column in there - since that is what you need. You can then use that file to modify all stock levels in bulk - in order to keep the stock levels correct then you would need to run two imports. The import will need three columns but two of them can be added as "default value" ("SKU", "Stock Level Adjust", "Location"). With the first import you should have stock level adjust as "1" and then once that import completes then run another with stock level adjust as "-1". Doing that will revert the stock levels to the levels they should be on but it will also initiate stock level update on all SKUs.

 For individual listings, you can adjust the stock level in "My Inventory" screen +1 and then -1 in order to initiate the update.

 P.S. - Please make sure that there are no composite parents in the exported file before importing. As a precaution measure, you can run an inventory composition export (exporting only composite parents) and then compare the file against the first file.

Inventory export:

Inventory composition export:

Inventory import:

Hope this helps. If any point needs further clarification then please write back to me.

With Best Regards,


Linnworks Technical Support

Thanks for the work around Rimo, i'll give it a shot!

Fingers crossed this feature can be implemented in the future.


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