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Is it possible to map payment with the Shopify integration? Currently my payments mapping button is greyed out...

Thank you


we have recently upgraded our Shopify integration to work with their latest API and also make use of our Cloud based order and inventory synchronisation.

During this upgrade payment mapping was reviewed, however Shopify do not provide this as a list that downloaded directly and was not therefore implemented.

We do have in our development queue a task to look at Orders from Shopify and build this list of payment methods that can be retrieved.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

This is a feature i also require.

Any news on this please?

we really need this feature too is there any news ?


Please note that the feature is still queued and on agenda to be implemented this year. 

I am afraid I cannot advice precisely on ETA but we will be working on it.

Thank you for understanding.

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Technical Support

Payment mapping for Shopify has now been implemented and is available to configure by clicking the Edit Channel payment button on the channel integration page in

Once mapped all subsequent orders downloaded to Linnworks from the Shopify channel with payment mapping will be automatically assigned

Existing orders will not be affected.

Mark Aldous

Linn Systems Ltd

Hi there,

I am not a developer but I am after the XML channel tags for 1) Shopify Payments and 2) Paypal to add these channel payments to my website. Is this information not readily available? I had exactly the same problem when setting up different shipping methods on my Amazon accounts. As it is the same XML for everyone, can Linnworks document somewhere?




You should be able to find the payment method if you right-click an order -> go to edit -> view order XML -> locate PaymentGatewayNames and ProcessingMethod tags. I believe they should contain the payment method information.

Regarding PayPal. What sort of data you are looking for ? If you give me an order ID example which came from Shopify I will try to find this out for. 

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov


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