Second largest marketplace in Germany. Desperate for an integration on this.

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Your feedback has been passed to our development team. Decision will be made depending on the other client's interest in this integration.

Yes, I saw this on a recent post:

Will any of these marketplaces be added?  Otto is 2nd the largest in Germany (see image attached).

Otto.JPG Otto.JPG
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Has there been any update with integrating with Otto?

This is on your blog as the second larges market place in Germany.

Yes I am looking to sell on OTTO this would be needed thanks

Hello. I am desperate to get going with OTTO. 

We sell very well on similar channel CDISCOUNT in France and Germany is a bigger market. 

Please can you tell me plans for implementation

Hello All,

I would like to take a show of virtual hands, who is interested in an integration for Otto?


Kind regards.


eBusiness Guru

T: +44(0)207 096 5012


We are interested.

Please hurry. So many sales being missed by the lack of support on this channel

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