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Query by processed date in Query Data

Right now the query type [Order details between dates] in Query Data only supports querying by order receive date, would be much helpful if it could be queried by order process date. This feature request also applies to other order query types which involve date filter, but this specific one is what we need the most for the moment.


Standard Query Data reports such as this one provide data to users to interpret in a multitude of ways that are unique to each user of Linnworks. As we are unable to know how each user wishes to make use of the data we have set the search parameters to be based on what we believe in the most logical criteria. The report also displays Open (Unprocessed) orders as well as Processed orders, therefore basing the search on the Received Date is the most logical approach that we could take.

It would not be viable to set up the search in Query Data to be configurable so the end user could choose between the Received / Created / Processed dates.

If you wish to find orders based on Processed Date you can use the Processed Order screen that supports this option.

If however you need a report containing specific data this could be achieved via a Custom Script that you can then run in Query Data

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Thanks for your reply Mark, so we will do our own custom scripts to get what we want. Is there a way we can get the actual sql scripts of those predefined ones? Writing from scratch is a little cumbersome for us, it would be better if we could modify them to meet our requirements. Thank you.


we do not give out copies of the SQL scripts that are in Dashboards > Query Data as some of them can be fairly complex and would effectively be the same as giving away copies of the source code.

The Linnworks scripting team can write them for you to meet your specification and depending on the complexity of your requirements this can be for as little as £85.



Got it, thanks.

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