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Is anyone else having problems ingetrating their inventory into Fruggo via the import tool.  We are creating our product url feed for Fruugo via the import tool and having issues with importing variations.  Two things keep happening, firstly our EAN's are changing to the same EAN although the csv file is imput with individual EAN's, secondly we get errors saying duplications, which we don't have.

Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated if you are experienced with this or having the same issue.  This has been happening for us over the last month and email support are helpful, but it takes a long time for a response to come back and we don't seem to crack it.  I think there may be a problem between Linnworks and Fruugo.

Thank you


Hello Sharon,

Please be advised that if you want to send a variation to Fruugo - the only thing you would need to do is to make sure that you have the variation created in Linnworks under the Variations tab. Then when sending the feed to Fruugo - we will include all item information.

The EANs are taken from the item's barcode field when submitting items to Fruugo. This field is in the item details screen. The Image, Description, Retail Price, and Weight values will be picked up directly from the item settings as well, whereas the Size, Colour, LeadTime and the optional Brand and Fruugo_Shipping attributes will indeed be taken from the item's extended properties. All of this info has to be present on your skus before submitting them to Fruugo. 

The extended properties would need to have the same name, i.e. to submit the Fruugo_Shipping attribute, you would need to have an extended property with the name of 'Fruugo_Shipping' on your items.

By default, it is the item Title, Price, and Description that will be used in the feed, however, what you can do is use the import tool to import channel-specific titles, prices and descriptions with the Source of 'FRUUGO' and the SubSource of the name of your channel in Linnworks. The feed will use these values if they exist and, if not, will take the default product information.

Please have a look at these documentation articles, the product feed feature is only available on linnworks desktop at the moment.

Kind regards,

Oleg (Tech support)

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