Correct "Revise Selected" to bulk update following eBay Template revision

Now if you revise your eBay template, Save it, then click "Revise Selected", all the "Product Description" previously in Linnlive for the "selected" listing will be deleted. We have discussed this with Linnworks support team previously and they insist all "Product Description" should be on

However you can still update listing by listing in Linnlive, the "Product Description" remain intact, and the Revision to the template will also be showing live on eBay.

So we need Linnworks to fix the way how "Revise Selected" should work. We have already wasted 50+ hours due to fall into this trap twice.


Thank you for this suggestion. We have reviewed and forwarded it to our development team. However, first let me explain how the template revision works and how it is different from updating the template: 

When you open the listing template and click 'Update', then LinnLive will send to eBay all information that you see on the listing template page, plus the relevant information from the configurator (general setting, payment/returns/shipping settings, HTML template). LinnLive does not go back to the SKU in the inventory to pick up new information from it, but rather relies on information specified in the listing template.

(!) However, when you revise the configurator or do an instant adjustment from the inventory screen, LinnLive goes to the SKU in the inventory and picks up information from there. This information may include Prices, Titles, and Descriptions, depending on which options you select during the revision. For each of those options, LinnLive uses the following priority, starting with the highest:

1. EBAY0_UK - Listing descriptions by channel in Edit Item, site specific

2. EBAY0 - Listing descriptions by channel

3. Default - Listing descriptions, default

4a. Metadata / short description - in Edit Item

4b. Retail Price - in Edit Item.

4c. Item Title - in Edit Item.

So LinnLive will first look at option #1 - if it does not exist, then it will look at option #2 and so on. Once it finds an existing record on either of these steps (in order of priority), it will pick up the information stored there and will replace it in the listing template. So no matter which description the listing template previously had, LinnLive will replace it with information found in the fields above, if you select the Adjust Descriptions option during configurator revision or in Instant Adjustment

The issue here is that even if the description record in Listing Descriptions or Metadata is empty, LinnLive will still use it to overwrite the existing description in the listing template - which is what I believe happened in your case. I have raised it with our development team, so that LinnLive would check for empty records and ignore them - to make sure that any existing description in the listing template is not replaced by a blank description from the item.

If you use the Revise Configurator function without ticking any of the options, then LinnLive will just perform an update, without doing the price/title/description revision we discussed above. So if you do not wish to pick up the description from the SKU in the inventory and leave the existing description on the listing template, then you could just revise the configurator and leave the Adjust Descriptions option unticked.

Now why these Listing Descriptions were empty in your case is a different question. Because when you create a listing via LinnLive or map the template with an existing listing, LinnLive records the description you used into Listing Descriptions by channel. So when you Revise the configurator, it would still pick up the description from Listing Descriptions. In order to upload new descriptions for a SKU so you could use configurator revision and instant adjustment to update the template, I would recommend using the data import functionality - Description by channel is the column you need. 

I realize that this is all quite complex, so I drafted up a quick diagram which would show the difference between updates and revisions. Please refer to the attached image.

If anything here does not make sense, or you still have any questions regarding LinnLive/ logic, please do not hesitate to reply here, and I will do my best to explain.

Best regards,


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