Sorting Options - Open Orders and Purchase Orders

We need the ability to sort open orders and purchase orders by SKU, and quantity. Please assist!

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Hi Brandon,

Could you clarify your requirements slightly please.

Open Orders sorting 

In Open Orders it is possible to set up sorting within the View and this can be set based on SKU or quantity

Picking / Packing / Invoice Templates all support sorting which again can be set based on SKU or quantity

Purchase Orders sorting

The interface of the PO is sorted by SKU when existing PO is opened

The printed PO supports sorting which again  can be set based on SKU or quantity

Documentation guides

Mark Aldous 

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Hi Mark,

Purchase orders do not sort by SKU. There is no sort filter on the column which renders it useless. It just takes too long to deliver an order from packing lists. We use desktop which has all of these things.

I am sorry to say that POs on .Net is unusable. It needs the same functionality and speed of desktop which does work well.

hi Alex,

we have very recently finished some updates to Purchase Orders for .net which includes column sorting along with the ability to copy and paste a list of items from Excel into a PO

This has passed QA and is now just waiting on the final Docs/Tech comms to be in place before we make a public release of these updates.



Hi Mark,

Those things would solve everything, we found it very slow adding in line by line if we can paste from excel and sort by SKU  we would be laughing.

May I make one suggestion? Why the date filter on the opening screen?

It adds an unnecessary step imho. You have to sort of guess when the PO was created ... it doesn't make a heck lot of sense. this is on the desktop as well I believe.

Really when you open that dash you want to see all active i.e. Partial / Pending / Open Pos at a glance . Once delivered they are considered archived ... so the date range would come in handy there.

Thanks for the update 

Kind Regards

Alex Alde

The filtering(by typing characters into the filter fields) AND sorting(arrows) ability in desktop is quite necessary for multi item POs and should be moved over to .Net.

Will this be the case?


as mentioned above Sorting will be available so that you will be able to either view them in the order they were originally added to the Purchase Order and Ascending / Descending by clicking on column headers such as SKU or Title. Filtering has not been implemented currently for



Will the PO updates include the ability to edit PO's after delivery especially to segments such as the conversion rate?

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