Ebay country tags

Hi All

Has anyone come across the subsource on eBay generating extra country tags ie we would upload EBAY0_DE for Germany and another appears EBAY0_Germany without us doing anything, which seems to throw a spanner in the works if doing a price change as which do we update.

Is this a new feature or should we be using these


Please be advised that we have identified a problem with how the channel specific price values are recorded. A price is added by the system automatically under certain circumstances, for example when creating a listing template, adjusting prices with the Price adjustment option. Sometimes the tags are added incorrectly and this is going to be fixed from our end.

We are very close to releasing a patch for this problem and will update all customers accounts to resolve it. Thank you for getting in touch and for your patience. The fix is currently undergoing Quality assurance, so it is near to be released. 

Kind regards,

Oleg (Tech support)

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