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Linnworks Action>Bulk Change>Weight


For our Royal Mail Tracked parcels we just enter 500 grams for all parcels but we have to enter them manually each time we process an order.

It's self explanatory really, but it would be useful to be able to do Action>Bulk Change>Weight on the Open Orders page on both .net and desktop :)



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Couriers require accurate weights to ensure the correct price is charged for the shipping process, therefore we will not implement a function to set a default weight on orders.

Please look at using Data Import to set up weights on your inventory items and Linnworks will automatically calculate the order weight.

Import Data

Inventory Import

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation 

Linn Systems Ltd


Thanks for the reply.

However all parcels between 500 and 1000 grams cost the same, so it would be useful - maybe it is possible by script?



Hi David,

the cost may be the same due to the weight, but only if they also fit in the same size parcel, eg Letter / Large Letter / Small Parcel etc.

If you order contains multiple items the package weight will change also and could therefore easily affect the shipping costs.

By taking the time to import the weights once the problem is solved for ever as the system automatically calculates the weight of the order including packaging.

Using a script or other means to force in an inaccurate weight is opening yourself up to the risk of potentially being incorrectly charged by your courier or even in the worst case being accused of fraud.



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