Merged Orders should show Channel Reference In Audit Trial

Merged Orders should show Channel Reference In Audit Trial


When orders are merged the ebay or amazon order id ( channel reference) is not shown in audit trial. this becomes difficult searching which two ebay or amazon orders are merged.


it would be great if a new column is designed in audit trial which shows channel references for merged orders, it would save A LOT of time and effort.

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Going forwards Linnworks will where possible display the Channel Reference number in the audit trail for merged orders.

In the situation of merging an already merged order no Channel Reference numbers will be added to the audit trail

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

I second the suggestion. Having just merged a group of orders I now cannot find the original channel order ID's. As these came from Amazon I can't search with Amazon by the buyer name or post code so I'm rather lost.

how does one get out the information hidden within the individual orders that were merged?



Good news is that I found the order ID's - these were not originally appearing in the audit notes, but after some time they did appear - so that's great.

I noted in the .net version that the field with the channel reference is not selectable - at least I could not make it work in Chrome. As the Amazon references are quite long (ex: 203-6223627-4726756) it seems to be a good thing to be able to copy.

As it turns out I copied the entire field in desktop Linnworks and then clipped out the number in notepad.

We now days copy customer name and paste it in amazon or ebay and check how many orders from this customers......still time would be great if they implement it as discussed above...

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