Royal Mail 2D delivery confirmation

Since we have switched our Royal Mail integration from desktop to .net so that the tracking numbers are stored with the order details it is automatically uploading these number to eBay for all services (included the non tracked ones)

The problem is every time a customer checks the tracking number for standard services (ie Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48) they  are presented with the error message "Status: Sorry - we don't recognise that number"

I have spoken to Royal Mail about it and they said the delivery confirmation is not fully rolled out. So now after being pushed onto this new amazing 2D label service from Royal Mail we are now receiving multiple emails a day from customers asking why their "tracking number" isn't working

Is there any way to stop Linnworks from uploading these numbers to ebay to avoid this problem?

A few examples of the numbers...


Just to clarify, when we use tracked services the tracking numbers (the ones ending in GB) are stored in Linnworks and uploaded to eBay is fine

Is anyone successfully getting delivery confirmation from Royal Mail from these new 2D labels?

Any suggestions would be great.



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We too are having this problem. We we're 'switched on' with Royal Mails 2D delivery confirmation on the 1st November and up until the 6th we could get delivery confirmation on all parcels using the track and trace search.

On Tuesday we discovered that every parcel since the 7th is no longer being recognised when we try to search - we're getting the dreaded "Status:Sorry - we don't recognise that number".

I've spoken to my Royal mail account manager who says its not them so I opened up a linnworks support ticket and got this reply:

'2D barcode is generated by Linnworks and has to be submitted to Royal Mail to track the parcel. Once you file the manifest and postman collects the parcels, then you can track your items.'

Its quite a frustrating reply as if it was like I'd never done it before! I explained that it worked for 6 days....and then stopped. To me it seems like the manifest isn't uploading to royal mail correctly which in turn isn't submitting the tracking codes.

All the tracking numbers within linnworks match up to the numbers that are being printed on the label.

We print our labels on desktop and then file the manifest through .net (the only way to access the tracking codes on desktop!)

Hi Colin,

Yes I think the problem could be down to Linnworks, as this week I received an email from Linnworks stating Royal Mail have contacted them about my account saying I must use the 2D labels and not the generic PPI label, which I have been doing for a while now. So it could be the fact Royal Mail are not getting the tracking information when submitted by Linnworks. It just seems strange that Royal Mail have said I am still using the generic labels so the 2D information must not be being passed onto them via Linnworks.

I tried contacting support but they passed the blame to Royal Mail so I am at a loss as to how to resolve the issue or even if it is possible to stop using these 2D codes until it actually works so that customers are not given tracking that says invalid causing them worry.


We were contacted by Royal Mail regarding some customers that had setup the integration but still were printing a mix between PPI labels and the labels generated by the integration. (you must make sure that all services are mapped to the Royal Mail services in the Royal Mail integration).

If your filing the manifest via Linnworks and your not getting any errors returned, Royal Mail will be receiving the manifest information for your account.

The reason why some customers are getting the errors sorry we do not recognize that number is  that not all Royal Mail services support the 2D barcode delivery confirmation, We were told that all services had to generate  2D barcodes and we have developed the new labels to match their specifications and now they are saying its only available for certain services as its not fully rolled out yet.

So the reason why some barcodes do not appear on the track and trace system is due to Royal Mail and their roll out of 2D barcodes.


The issue was that it WAS working...and then it wasn't! We are fully aware of what services are available on the 2D barcode delivery confirmation. 

If something works and then doesn't, somewhere behind the scenes something has gone wrong. 

This morning I have checked again some that weren't working from a few days ago, and low and behold they are working now. So the only conclusion I can come to is that someone has put something right....whether it be linnworks or Royal mail but as both were blaming each other its hard to know who!

I'm sorry if this is coming across a bit on the moany side, but as we have no control over the backend of the system, as your customer, we can only tell you what is happening our end and when we're being told everything is fine and its so clearly not, it can be very frustrating.

Is there anyway of stopping Linnworks uploading the "tracking number" to the various channels until it is fully working. The issue what we have is customers are informed of this tracking number and when they try to track it they are given an error message.

It is frustrating that we have been pushed onto the 2D label service (even as far back as last year we were pestered to move onto it) however it not only isn't fully working, it is causing problems with our customers.


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