Probably the worst support reply I've ever received

We've had an issue sending emails on one of our account for a while. Turns out I enabled 2 factor authentication on that account and added an app password to Linnworks email account. However, I forgot to change the password in a Macro Script we have which. That was trying to login repeatedly and Google was locking the account for smtp requests as a result.

I emailed Linnworks support:

Getting issues sending emails on one of our accounts -

When I test other accounts which are managed by the same G Suite account, they are all fine.
Any ideas what these errors mean? The issue seems to be intermittent. Some emails were sent yesterday at 10:46/10:47 so it's definitely working sometimes.

So to be clear, I sent screenshots and asked for help what those error messages mean.

The reply:

Thank you for contacting Linnworks Technical Support.

I checked you account and the only possibility I could think of is that there is some strange problem with your account settings. I would advice you to delete the account from google and make a new email account with the same name. If the problem persist try making a new account with a little different name and forward all your emails from to that new account.

As this problem is not originating from Linnworks side, we cannot check anything from here.

Please feel free to ask any further questions.

Just to be clear I'm being told to delete my whole email account. This is genuinely the worst response I've ever received to a support ticket. We have more than 250k emails in that account, it's our primary company email address. This kind of support is not just bad, it's dangerous.

Some suggestions:

1. I don't blame the guy that responded, he was trying to be helpful. However, he's evidently ill equipped to perform this job if that's the type of advice he's giving. He needs way more training.

2. Throw an error if this type of thing happens (a script getting an SMTP failure).

3. Actually answer the question asked.

4. Give more useful error messages. Another app which uses that account debugged it and told me it was a rate limiting issue which helped diagnose the problem.


I apologise for my colleagues reply which wasn't explained properly.

He meant to suggest you to back-up your email account, then delete and restore it. He didn't provide any details or a guide to configure this, which is why you thought that he wants you to create a completely new account.

As I can see from the support ticket the issue is now resolved. Thank you for your feedback as we are constantly trying to improve our support services. 

Best regards,

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