syncing with multi vendor website

I have just started using linnworks and have been having a good play, I have managed to channel map to selling channels and am mightly impressed with this software.

However one of the selling channels I am mapped with is a multi vendor website. and I am wondering if I am going to run into some problems.

here are my thoughts about what is happening and what I would like to happen.

1) The ideal scenario is to be able to sync only my inventory that I sell.

2) if one can't be achieved I don't want linnworks overiding the ordering and email dispatch of the website. As the other vendors will not get there emails notifiying them of their sales.

3) i did a test order and it appears that the website has lost its order notification email, ie handing that responsibility over to linnworks.

I am pretty certain i can sort 3 out as it must be somthing in the config

help with understanding 1 and 2 would be great 

kind regards


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