Search Purchase Orders by Date Delivered, not Date Created.


Currently there is not an option in the Purchase Orders screen to search for Date Delivered, only Date Created. The filter for Delivery Date does not work, as it only accepts the first integer, and not any month name abbreviations.

The Query Data does not allow you to specify location, nor does it return a Location Field.

Would it be possible to search for all POs delivered on a certain date?



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you have raised 3 seperate points here
1. Search by Date
To keep the search function consistent across all options in the Purchase Order screen Created date was selected and there are no plans to change this

2. Filters
I have spoken to the developers about this and raised the issue which has now been put into the development backlog to be implemented in the future. We would look at adding a date picker similar to those available in My Inventory for columns such as Created Date. This is not a minor change and can therefore not give you an ETA for implementation

3. Query data
I agree that Loaction would be useful here and have forwarded your suggestion onto the scripting team that look after these reports

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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