Support for Multiple Currencies with Suppliers / POs

We are based in the UK, using GBP and we work with suppliers all over the world. Most work in USD and EUR

There is no support in Linnworks for inputting prices in any other currency than the default (in our case, GBP)

It would be great if a currency could be selected for a supplier, and then any prices input for that supplier are based in that currency.

How the calculation is done to convert back to GBP could be handled in the Purchase order, as the rate of exchange could be entered.

This could be manually entered using the rate that was obtained when funds were transferred to the supplier.

This rate could be used to calculate the stock cost as POs are booked in to stock.

For us, comparing these costs vs suppliers in other currencies is also important, so being able to compare vs an estimated rate would also be a good idea


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the fnctionality to support supplier currency is already supported

Please review the following guide on setting up a Purchase Order conversion rates

If you add the add the supplier price to the inventory item in the supplier currency this will be used when the Purchase Order is created.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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