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Please integrate with the new marketplace they are focussed on the UK, and have arranged marketing deals with ITV and other outlets according to their PR. They claim to be undertaking APP development but can't you integrate as a channel? We are keen to integrate with them... StoreFeeder and others are. Thank you

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Hi Dan

What do you mean the channel app? 

Have you found it syncs inventory levels etc all ok?

Hi Tom

We've heard that Linnworks themselves have a bug with their channel apps, not setting initial stock - this is far from ideal and we expect more from Linnworks, to be frank. Especially since OnBuy have done the integration work and now Linnworks has failed!

We have been using a work-around for the moment (export from Linn given to onbuy, and they have updated stock levels to match), but every time we add a new product and map it in linn, the stock is immediately wrong so we have to manually set the stock figure the first time.

Linn need to get their act together on this one, because Onbuy is getting bigger and bigger, and Linn really don't care so long as they get our monthly payment.

Hello Dan,

Thanks for bringing this case up. I've double checked with our team and it seems an individual issue with the API which was affecting the OnBuy integration was identified yesterday. I can confirm that the problem has now been rectified this afternoon and we'll be reaching out to OnBuy so they can confirm the same and so we can assist if any further problems crop up.

If you should encounter any further issues, feel free to let our support team know and they'll be happy to assist.

Kind regards,


Installed the onbuy app on the however I use the Linnworks Desktop app. Does the desktop app retrieve the orders?? Once I installed it on the, I then opened the desktop app to see if it appeared under my channels but it's not listed. 

Can anyone advise if this method would work?? 


No, new channel integrations (which were developed only recently) can only be visible in, however, if you can see your Onbuy orders within Open Orders screen  in .net, they should also be visible in Desktop.

If you cannot locate some Onbuy orders within Desktop client, please let us know.

I hope this was helpful.

Best regards,

Ija Lissov

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