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Please integrate with the new marketplace they are focussed on the UK, and have arranged marketing deals with ITV and other outlets according to their PR. They claim to be undertaking APP development but can't you integrate as a channel? We are keen to integrate with them... StoreFeeder and others are. Thank you

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Please integrate with the new marketplace t
OnBuy have an API that supports price, stock and orders (and dispatched notifications). They allow us to create products by upload (CSV or XML) so that's fine, but wish to sync orders, price and stock please.
We will be signing up with them, and it would make life much easier if Linnworks would integrate with them.

Three years ago onbuy were going to be the next big thing (according to their PR at the time).

Without wanting to put a downer on things, yes an integration would be good, but wait until all this marketing kicks in until you spend your monthly fee listing with them.

I know several sellers who have already started with them and have not had a single sale yet, but have still had to pay their monthly fee. Not to worry though, they have their advertising credit available !!

I really hope onbuy is a success as it is something that the UK sellers need, and if it is we will sign up, but based on their past performance in promising the world (or the UK at least) I am not holding my breath (and no doubt neither are the others that had previously signed up with them based on their promises).

We would be interested in this feature.

We would be interested in this feature too. Interestingly OnBuy told me that they expected a Linnworks integration very soon, but Linnworks say there are no plans as yet.


Just been advised today by that they now have integration with Linnworks. Checked the Linnworks channels however it is not listing it. Could someone advise when it will.

We are looking into this channel as they are offering no fees in 2018 if you sign up in December. Obviously a great chance to trial the platform but would need a linnworks integration for us to use, otherwise it is not worth our time.

Same as Top Thorp. Please look at integrating by end of this year if at all possible? They are going massive in 2018 with prime time TV Slots:

Hi Tom / Vikas

I've just set up with as one of their reps said they were now integrated with Linnworks and that the first 12 months would be free. Just checked my bank account and been charged for this month and Linnworks have advised me that there is still no plan to integrate. Not sure whats going on but emailed them to return money and close my account, as I haven't got time for this at this time of year. It all sound like a good idea, UK company paying UK tax, maybe too good to be true.


Hi Sav

They will take payment for the first month you sign up and free thereafter for the duration of 2018

Thanks Vikas, trying to clear this up with them now. Wasn't told about upfront fee.

Glad to see this looks like it is moving forward. Hope the integration does appear soon.

We are now using OnBuy linked to Linn through the channel app. It's not approved by Linn yet, so they have to send it to you. Once signed up, you can request from the seller panel. Was easy. But they still create products with feed, seems Linn doesn't allow it for channel apps, so they took an export from Linn. All explained on Onbuy site, inside the panel. Easy peasy

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