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So as a long time user of Linnworks, I have noticed that the small stuff on uservoice rarely gets a look in because they are too small to be an issue for a large number of users, and hence don't get the votes. Therefore I want to request that Linnworks dedicates some time to clear off some of the smaller stuff. Here is a list of small issues that we encounter on a regular basis that don't stop our day-to-day but would make things so much better if they were actioned:

Can't return child items of a composite (bundle) product. This has meant we have had to build an entirely separate returns system just for this scenario.

EPOS system that can't find items without an exact match search on the SKU

Can't merge 2 orders from different sources even though they are for the same person to the same address

Child items of a composite get squashed into 1 cell on a picking list, they should each be displayed on their own line otherwise we need to have oversized picking lists, or we accept larger composite products will not fit all items in the box provided.

Archived items get removed from historical sales and stock reports making them useless, removing the point of archiving items

Can't edit or unprocess a processed order. For example we might pack and process an order at 11am, but at 1pm the customer calls to amend his order. As Linnworks thinks it's been processed, there is no way to undo that or edit the processed order. This results in manually adjusting stock and hand writing amendments on the customer invoice.

There's no way to create unpaid orders that are automatically "parked". If an order is parked, it can't accidentally be printed and sent. However unpaid orders look like any other order so we have inadvertently sent some unpaid orders in the past.

Most query data reports don't include items that haven't been sold. This makes data incomplete and actually unsold item data is quite important. I've had to write my own report script for stock forecasting purposes.

I would guess that not all of the above will be done in one go, but my point is that it would be nice for the small stuff to get a look in. One small thing is an annoyance, 10 of them can make a big impact of the efficiency of the business.

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Would also be good if there was a basic reply from LW...

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