Empower bulk wholesale buying - Allow multiple supplier skus from the same supplier for one sku

most suppliers offer bulk discounting, eg. x price for a-b units, but y price for c-d units. this is not accountable for in linn

linn should allow multiple supplier SKUs for one SKU, but where those supplier SKUs are all from one supplier. this allows for bulk wholesale pricing from our suppliers to be visible in an SKUs supplier page, including their different pack sizes, prices, etc

currently it looks like a unique primary key is generated based on our sku and the supplier name. arguably it should actually be a key based on our sku, supplier name and supplier sku. a single supplier could then offer structured pricing.

we account for that using different supplier skus in our own middleware, that we cannot link in Linn. e.g. "suppleiersku1.bigpack" and "suppliersku1.smallpack" as supplier skus for supplier x.

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