Be able to control quantity on different eBay Sites with different warehouse locations

I have an eBay Account call it EBAY1, which lists on and

We have 2 locations 1 is default for UK and another is a FC for DE

When we list in UK everything is fine, when stock is 0 listings ends

Below I will mention all errors in points

When we list in DE, firstly we need to have stock in UK location to even list an item (You cannot list if your UK stock is 0, but that shouldn't matter as the FC has stock which is used for dispatching DE orders) Please let us choose which stock location to be used for which location

2) We artificially make the UK qty to 1 so we can list item on DE, but then stock on DE website shows as 1 available, where as FC has enough stock so we have to log into eBay find the listing and then change the qty manually.

3) Even though we have adjusted the qty manually if we update anything from linnworks for that listing, then stock level would be automatically updated with UK location, which ends up in overselling

4) To overcome this, we have to manually update qty for DE site by downloading excel files with available stock and then see which items are low in stock and then update levels again to ensure no overselling is done.

Above I think is a serious point that should be fixed, as initially when I bought this software I thought it can handle stock levels for all marketplaces, but that is not true as if the marketplace has different locations for dispatch linnworks is unable to deal with stock updates on all channels depending on dispatch location. It only ever considers one locations for stock.

It would be great, if we could choose what location the stock will be dispatched from when creating a configurator and ebay site which will be used for listing. When we list it takes the location we picked and all orders go to that location and stock levels are adjusted on ebay accordingly with what is available in FC.

I hope you guys will give this a consideration as I am sure in this time of eCommerce many business are growing internationally and will definitely need to have different stock locations if they are to remain competitive . Thanks

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