Returning a child item not possible

 I added a uservoice feature request a couple of years ago for the ability to book a return on a child item. We sell bundled products which could be something like a BOGOF deal or a pack of products. From time to time, someone will want to return a child part of that pack because they don't need it. However Linnworks doesn't allow this. I've never known why. However to my surprise, the uservoice feature request hasn't had many votes which suggests to me most others don't have issues with this. So my question is what do people do when they need to return a child item? We surely can't be the only ones that encounter this are we? Or do people handle bundled/pack products in a different way?


It is possible to create a return for a child item in You would need to login to > Processed Orders > right click an order > Actions >click "Returns, Exchanges and Resends" > Add New. Here you can select one of the child items and return it. 

I have also checked that you can return one of the child items in Linnworks desktop application as well. Just select one of the child items and click Create Return.

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Hi Anton

For me you are right on the first point and wrong on the second. It does work in, which all I can say is THANK YOU!!! that is amazing! Please please please do not remove that functionality!

For desktop, when I try and create a return booking for a child item, I get an error message pop up that says "Can not book returns for child of a composite item".

We would prefer it to also work in desktop as that's what we currently use for everything, but the fact that we can do it in .net is fantastic!


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