Packing list not following label names

Since Thursday 3rd November, the packing list and shipping labels are not in the same order.

Our process has not changed at all however the order of the names on the packing list to not match up to the order of the postage labels (|Royal Mail 2d barcode labels) The names are in a different order on the packing list but are still grouped by SKU. This is not the first time Linnworks has had this issue. It often happens for a few days every few months but usually only lasts a day or so.

Is this a known issue which is being worked on and why does it continue to be an intermittent fault?

When we have an order on a monday morning of 300 items all out of order I'm sure Linnworks can understand how time consuming this issue is and one which starts to negate the efficiencies of using Linnworks for despatch automation.

Please can we get a date this will be rectified and will this be a permanent solution?

Kind Regards Patrick


The sequence of orders printed on a packing list can be configured in Template Designer in Packing list settings. You need to tick "Sort" column next to a variable you want to sort: e.g. SKU. Please make sure to tick only one sorting method. 

Regarding label printing. In labels are printed by courier. This means that if you select multiple orders with different couriers, then they will be re-grouped by vendor name. 

Best regards,

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