Amazon Repricer - Variable repricing

Repricing based on variables. Allows for more dynamic repricing structures, without having worry about new cost prices etc.



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Repricing is a huge key to success for selling on amazon, however always blindly going 0.01 below the lowest seller is not a best practice, and in fact is often not necessary to achieve better sales.
Please add your vote here if you feel that more functionality is needed in the Linnworks Amazon Repricer.
Also add comments regarding what repricing functionality you would like to see added.
At the moment we are working on new repricer, where you can find this functionality. I will add link to the repricer, when it will be available in Beta. Probably this week.
Jegor, thanks for the update.
Here are the KEY things we require in a repricer to get the most benefit from it...
1. Provide an option to ignore non-featured merchants and only reprice against other featured merchants (ie. only those designated by amazon as eligible to win the buy box). Much better selling prices can be achieved this way.
2. Allow repricing of FBA products too. We have well over 1000 FBA items that are key sellers and need to be repriced regularly. Our current (Non-Linnworks) repricer does reprice FBA items but we want to discontinue that one and do everything within the Linnworks platform.
3. Take competitor shipping rates into account... Looks like LW already does this.
4. Allow flexible rules for price increase/decrease/matching.... Seems like this may be coming in the new Beta release.
Available in new repricer.

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