Auto update of channel pricing

I propose a new feature that allows the auto update of pricing across multiple channels. My idea is that you can set a price template for each channel.

Therefore whenever you update a price in Linnworks the channels selected for auto price update will reflect the new prices also.

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Something that would be immensely helpful for me would be to have a screen where you input a sku and the page would show you all channels that sku is listed on and the price. The same screen would allow also me to change the price and send it to the appropriate channel(s).
Is that doable?
What would be great is to have 'Price Profiles' which could be set up and would be a formula based on cost price. So maybe you have a price profile called 'Next Day Courier'. When you go into this profile you set a formula based on cost price for each channel seperately.

So, Magento1 maybe cost*1.8 whereas ebay1 where you have fees and offer free P+P might be (cost*2)+6 and so on. eBay2 where postage is charged maybe cost*2 to account for FVF.

Then you can have the option to update all linked items with that profile by clicking a button.

For sellers using feeds this is highly useful as the purchase price may often change.
Some kind of this functionality is "Price Adjustment" feature.
Right click on product Title or SKU in LinnLive.
Hi Jegor,

I think the essence of this idea was mainly for server users not just LinnLive! Very disappointed this idea has been closed but not fully implemented for ALL customers of Linnworks....:-(

We can't do it this way, because it can produce too much problems.
The other thing is that batch processes works only in LL2. It means that you will have to open LL anyway to start the batch.
I think if it is possible to update the inventory qty using each channel API on sync it is also possible to check/update channel price the same way? It seems a basic thing and it is what many users want from Linnworks to save hours of time! Have posted in Linnworks user voice...please vote!!
I don't think that this suggestion is complete.
Jegor, the price adjust feature in LL is helpful, but it's limited to the number of products you can view at once and is a manual process when it could be automated.

Anonymous commented on August 22nd that having 'Price Profile' built in to Linnworks would be a useful feature. It would, but the possibilities and options required to give everyone a system they could use would be incredibly complicated, so I'm not surprised that Linnworks are wary of trying to implement that.

We currently calculate all sale prices externally from Linnworks, based on cost and then upload using AMTU to Amazon. However this can't be applied to all marketplaces and webstores.

In the Data Import utility, you can import 'Price per channel'. It's currently only used during the listing process, and the Price Adjust' feature as far as I can tell. If we could import the latest prices per channel using this, and any prices which have changed are uploaded to the relevant Marketplace in the same way as stock levels are after an import, then this could go a long way to resolving this issue.

The sale price calculation is still done be the user, and then manually imported to Linnworks, but the changed/new sale prices are automatically updated for all products across all marketplaces where possible.

I believe that something along these lines would make a massive difference to alot of LW users. Could this be looked in to again?
Jegor, this isn't the functionality that was asked for. It seems crazy that there isn't an automatic pricing adjustment tool. Surely, if you want to reduce say 100 random items by £1, you're saying I have to then go into Linnlive and manually adjust each title. We are currently working with 90,000 SKU's which we want to adjust on a regular basis. There is no way that we can manually adjust these! A work around would be to update Linnworks and then update the channel we list on, but it was my understanding that Linnworks was meant to make these tasks easier and quicker. We were also told that we could list directly into our Webstore, and 3-4 months down the line NOTHING has been done to fix this.

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