Bulk Listing for Amazon

we would like this also

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We are planning to introduce beta Amazon Bulk Lister by the end of July. Sorry for taking so long, but it was really quite complicated to develop.
Recorded webinar: Amazon Bulk Listing tool.
Hey folks,
Got an email today saying "An idea you voted for has been completed!"

The Amazon bulk lister is a giant step forward however I am hoping the Ebay bulk lister will follow soon to allow LW users to avoid Turbolister, Blackthorne, etc.

The ideal solution as I see it is to allow users to input or upload all necessary Ebay requirements to Linnworks at the inventory level. Then allow a batch upload of products to selected Ebay sites by matching a configurator to the listings.
I understand there are many complexities to doing this but anything that improves on the current next, next, next... Linnlive Ebay listing process would be most welcome.

Any thoughts by Linn staff on this type of direction???
You can create new idea for eBay (Bulk) Lister, where we can discuss features that you need for eBay lister.
i want to know the difference between PROCESS SELECTED and LIST SELECTED buttons in eBay listings in linnlive2. thanks

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