Bulk Listing for Amazon

we would like this also

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Bulk listing for Amazon and potentially eBay
Conformation of items when searching by Barcode or Asin before listing.
Anyone listing large number of products (media products - DVDs, Books, CDs & Video games for example) to multiple Ebay/Amazon sites would really benefit from this. Right now you have to create a separate listing for each Ebay/Amazon site for an item. Then repeat this process for the next item, etc.
We sell on 4 Ebay and 5 amazon sites and the listing process for 1 item takes 5-10 minutes with all the clicks involved. Very time consuming/labour intensive/costly if you have hundreds or thousands of products to list.
Putting all necessary information into a spreadsheet for import into Linn would be so much faster. A lot of data could be speed filled and no clicking and waiting for the next screen to load.

Before switching to Linnworks I used Channel Advisor and listing uploads from a spreadsheet worked quite nicely. I just couldn't afford the CA fees:-(
Matching amazon's catalog by UPC/EAN/ASIN is pretty much flawless and with Ebay rolling out catalog matching this would tie in nicely.
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agree this should be improved.
This would be a good idea.
There should be an import functionality where you can download a linnworks product import csv then upload it to linn.

please make sure that the variation functionality would be there as well using a parent and child link
Looking through the workflow for creating a LinnLive Ebay listing it would seem that all necessary data could be imported from a spreadsheet. Data in the fields could be quickly adjusted based on the site the listing is being sent to. Below is a list of fields (probably not complete) that could be included in an import template....

Ebay Category #
Buy Now Price
Ebay store Category
Adding amazon listings can be difficult, as there is no way to get asins, so its all done manually at the moment. Having a tool would be a dream! Love the software and service you provide...keep it up.
You can add using the barcode number via Amazon's own flat file, this will then pick up the ASIN for you. If you are using the repricer, you can use the flat file to bulk list with your minimum price, set your maximum in the repricer and let the repricer set your prices. You are going to get a few orders at the min price whilst everything updates. But better than listing one by one!
This function will save my nerves :)
Yes please, would be fantastic to import/export all relevant info needed to help with bulk listing.
what about ebay turbo listing function? When it's planned to be done?
hi any update on this?
Just wanted to add another comment to this thread...
Over the past few months there have been numerous impressive updates to Linnworks leading up to the recent release of Version 4. The complete LW order management system has come a long way and performs pretty much all the functionality required. Of course there will be tweaks requested by some users, but the system is pretty solid.

Maybe it is time to switch some of the development focus to the LinnLive system to allow users to quickly get large numbers of product listings out to Amazon & Ebay (or other sites). This would be huge (at least for us) in terms of cost/labour savings as well as potential income generation. Since this is the highest rated request in the UserVoice forum it would seem other users agree.

Any thoughts where this idea ranks on the Linn roadmap priorities?
Bulk listing should have ability to create a template and have all the info about the item prefilled into the template when you list.
There should be at least 10 custom columns in the inventory database that you could upload specifications about your item to in the inventory and then be able to pull the data into a template when listing. (such as we can pull the picture into a template right now)

Right now you have to add it to the description and then reorganize the layout when you are listing the item to ebay.

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