stock take by scanning barcodes

be able to go around the storeroom/shop/warehouse and be able to scan barcode and entre the number for each location so it automatical adds up each locations stock.

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keeping it simple to check single lines as well as full stocktake
i must admit I was expecting to be able to do this and was surprised to find i could not. The current stock check routine is very cumbersome.
Well the current stock take does not work - I assumed it was going to be sorted in version 4

Once we get into stock takes there are loads of options that can be good practise and maybe these should be pencilled in to the linn development for the long term - where the stock check is push towards the user

e.g. slow moving - fast moving - random - random rack etc

For now just working at a basic level would be good
Frankly I'd like to see barcode use during order packing as well to improve accuracy. You would have to hire another person to double check packing accuracy when that job can be done by a simple script by requiring item scanning during packing.

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