Offer Free Freight Domestically and Calculated shipping internationally.

We use flat rate shipping for domestic sales (actually it is free shipping), and we use calculated shipping for our international shipments. There is no way in LinnLive to specify flat rate (or free freight) for one type of shipment, and offer calculated shipping for another shipping method. Can we please look into adding this function? Or, at least provide some way to offer free freight along with calculated shipping.

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We have the same problem and absolutely love these products (we only acquired it last week), but if we cannot offer free shipping domestically with calculated shipping for all other shipment services the program won't work for us (one of our main items is sold at SET pricing and the only way we can be competitive is to offer free domestic shipping. All other shipping services need to be calculated. This is so important to us am happy to pay extra so this can be set up (like in Ebay) when all you need to do is tick a box "free shipping" next to your first domestic shipping option. All other options would work as normal with calculated shipping. Cannot see if would be that bad to set up and we are in dire need. Like I said, am happy to pay extra, as it will make the difference between being a huge fan of your system or a system that won't work for us. Any chance this can be worked out within the next few days or week (sorry)? Would be most thankful. Also have a new magento site to add in a few weeks that requires the exact same shipping set up.

Thank you much in advance,
Available in LL2

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