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When booking an exchange, the system should take the item out of stock to reserve the item (as their is no point to book an exchange otherwise). As it does not take the item out of stock we need to amend the stock manually and reserve the item so to not oversell.

The system does amend the stock only once the exchange has been converted/actioned and so therefore takes another item from the stock. We then would need to manually adjust the stock otherwise two items would be deducted from stock.

Please can you look into this matter.

Thanks Gilly

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Would really like this too.

I'm getting sick having to deduct one from stock when I book an exchange, then add it back on when the exchange is going out. Only being human its possible I'll forget one way or the other and either end up with an item sitting not on sale, or an item selling that I've promised to someone else. Meaning we have to regularly stock take our most popular items.

We want to set up a procedure where a person off-site dealing with customer service can book in an exchange of an item. This requirement is this person will only book in the exchange and not action it to the point of dispatch as we need the original product to be returned to us before we send the replacement, and this is done at a different place.

The priority here is to have the facility where the exchange item is removed from the inventory so it cannot be sold in error. If we follow the steps outlined on the system the only time it removes the product from stock is when it is finally dispatched.

How do we make the system action the removal of stock earlier in the process.

I need this to be as simple as possible as this is a task which is vital to our business. If we manually remove the item from My Inventory then we will mess up the steps further along the line when we Convert the Exchange Booking.

I see this issue was raised on the forum and I am sure there are several companies out there who would appreciate this facility.

Many thanks

Can't agree more. It's silly to have such an excellent feature as being able to book exchanges without the system reserving the stock. If the stock item is removed manually then added back on there's always going to be human error.
Please we need this!
Can I ask when this feature is going to be acted upon. Its causing me massive issues not having it - including having to create dummy orders and dupllicate shipping. Thanks
This functionality has been implemented.

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