Post code lookup for manual direct orders

It would be nice to have a post code address look up for when doing manual orders such as direct mail orders, this would make it easier when taking orders and verifying customer addresses in case of spelling mistakes from both the operator and the customer,

Most mail order systems have this where you just pay a yearly fee to royal mail to use the look up service

Thanks, I hope some other guys might agree that this is needed

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Postcode Anywhere is much better, and is cheaper too!
Postcode Anywhere is much better, and is cheaper too!
This would be a huge timesaver. I constantly have to add postcodes then go to google to check the address is correct.
This is a really good idea but I think it would be a waste of time unless you can fully automate the order process with automatic payment
I think this is a MUST in future updates
This seems like quite a significant feature that must be addressed in future releases of the software.

We previously used SimplyPostcode API to fill spreadsheets with address data. Has anybody tried using the SimplyPostcode desktop application from to populate the address fields of the New Order screen? We plan to take a look at it today.
Just letting you know that the use of SimplyPostcode to fill address information works quite well - certainly a solution of sorts until the feature is added. I'm not advocating SimplyPostcode over any others - it's just what we had already bought into and plugged it in quickly and easily.

The only issue seems to be Billing Address under New Order, which can't be populated directly from SimplyPostcode as it is hidden when focus is lost. However, populating the Customer Details address fields with the Billing information will populate Billing also, then just untick 'Same as Shipping' and populate Customer Details address with correct shipping address.
I think Linnworks should negociate a deal with Royal Mail as a distributor of the Post Code database, and integrate this service into linnworks as a paid service at a very cheap price. So all linnworks users can benefit for it at a tiny price.
This would be a very good feature as taking phone orders can be very tedious and we have actually had to shy away from taking them we are that busy
This is a great suggestion. If Linnworks were to integrate the PAF system, this suggestion would tie in nicely with the one below
This is something I also really need to be implemented as soon as possible does anyone have any kind of time scale of when it will be added to Linnworks
Oh well that was a waste of 3 votes on here, just got a response back to my support ticket saying it has been rejected in the current development, so need more votes for this please people :)
This feature is a must. I have suggested this directly to them a number of times. About time this was implemented.
Bloody good idea, hope they take notice of this one!

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