Create a faster listing process for Ebay

Right now Ebay listings can be created using LinnLive however the listing process with all the next, next, next clicks and waiting for the pages to load, makes the process slow and tedious.

The ideal solution as I see it for faster Ebay listing creation, is to allow users to input or upload virtually all necessary Ebay requirements to Linnworks at the inventory level. Then allow a batch upload of products to selected Ebay sites by matching a configurator to the required listings.

Below is a list of fields (probably not complete) that could be included in an import templateā€¦.




Ebay Category #







Buy Now Price

Ebay store Category





Also all this data could be dynamically pulled into the correct place in the listing based on Ebay configurator variable tags (example [{PRODUCT_SKU}]... instead of having to manually add it. Right now a limited number of variables are supported.

Please add more suggestions for the Linn staff so they can develop an efficient and time saving tool.

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We would like to have approx 10 custom fields that we could prefill with info then pull dynamically into the listing template.

Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
Yes we need to prefill with dynamically tags our design, so if you can improve LL in this way, it will be perfect.
Another idea, with the EAN code prefill the items specific on ebay.
I'm currently exploring the possibility to use Linnworks + Linnlive instead of Sellermania which costs a lot.

But we have over 11.000 items to list on Ebay. Therefore a bulk listing functionality with additional fields is more than necessary for us. Would be a huge time saver and of great added value for your product.
Listing with Linnlive is time consuming. I use Inkfrog although am trying to move over to Linnlive. Totally agree that bulk listing is a necessity.

There need to be more global configurators which should be possible to amend and update all listings. For example I can add a global payment terms for checkout with Inkfrog, which I can't see in Linnlive.

Also I can see a future problem amending shipping when Royal Mail increase their prices, should be able to amend the shipping options in bulk. Eg select all those currently 50p and change to 60p etc Or at least bulk amend by importing a csv.

One thing that does annoy me is always having to re-select the category, whether just viewing a listing again or amending a copied template. Why can't it save the category and just allow me to change it if I want.

I am currently moving listings to Linnlive if the item goes out of stock as amending current listings doesn't work, which is fair enough but it would be easier if I could prepare listings and change the pending relist to this new template rather than continue to relist the Inkfrog one.
I think the problem with LL is that they created this system for people to list an item out to sell once in a while.
If we could let the developer knows that we list out more than 500 item each week and constantly editing/re-listing/ending, change price for non performing item, update postage price...etc for hundreds of listing everyday across multiple eBay channel, they should know what to build.
We use lots of TL search and replace, 1 button create similar item and their CSV upload friendly platform to help speed up the work.

Hope this helps.
This would benefit us too
This would be ideal.

Linnworks - you guys need to look at and their listing tool which is *fantastic. You can save profiles - and then to upload a new product, you can import a profile, change a few minor details and have a product uploaded within 1 minute.

Something like this would also be useful for the Amazon Lister which imo had excellent potential but isn't very intuitive to use.
It works perfectly... :)
Available in LL2
When is LL2 being released?

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