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Option to create a 2 page invoice

We would like the facility to be able to create a 2 page invoice in "Template Designer". As we have a printer that can print double sided we are hoping to be able to make use of what is currently the (Blank) back of the invoice.

We plan to put our returns policy on the back to help our customers and we wish to add targeted marketing specific to the customer aswell to help us boost our sales.

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Why don't you get the backs preprinted?
i too have a 5 duplex printers and would be a brillaint idea,ref having pre printed this would not be a good idea as you wouldnt be able to put new deals on etc,bring on the double page BRILLIANT.
This is exactly what I am looking for :( I'm guessing you can't do it then... DOH!
This would be a real bonus !
This is not something that we will be implementing in the system. Targeted marketing and returns policies can be preprinted on paper.

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