Printer Settings - Being able to change printer settings depending on task.

At the moment the system doesn't allow you to change printer settings which is a pain. The system just uses the default printer settings set in the operating system.

Our scenario, the default setting for the printer is to use the tray with the integrated labels in. But if we print a pick list we want to be able to select plain paper, but we can't. We would also like to be able to select Duplex printing as to save paper to save money and be more 'Green'

I am sure we are not the only business that has a printer with different paper types.

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Hi all,

I use 3 trays on 2 different printers (total 6 trays) at the moment it works flawlessly. You must make sure that you download the printer driver and software before connecting to the printer, as the default windows software will be installed and this does not allow for multi tray / printer options use. I am using brother laser printers and when I need to use a different tray to the default, you can select all the orders needed and then click on Preview Invoices, a separate window will pop up and you can then select the various properties (quality, tray, reverse print, toner save etc...).

If you want to know morel please
This seems to be a long running issue that many users want. Now up to 175 votes. Please could Linnworks look at getting this configured?

@Sam Phillips - your way works if you are selecting and printing invoices manually but when you have Linnworks configured to print invoices automatically you cannot tell it to print from a specific tray. The template only allows you to select the printer, not the tray.
great idea!
Just as a workaround for folk... You can add a new printer manually, specify an unused port initially but select the correct printer driver (keep your existing driver).

Make sure you setup the printing preferences (and the printing defaults via printer properties) so you specify the paper, tray, etc... you want.

Then use Printer Properties > Ports and select the port your printer is already on. This results in two printers listed in your Printers & Devices list for the same physical device but each has different defaults and avoids the issues folks are having.

It's a faff to setup but once you've done it, it really does make life easier.

We've done this with our HP LJ 2420DN with integrated label invoices on tray 2 as one "printer", and plain paper in tray 1 as another. Works perfectly.

Hope that helps.
It is possible not to set a default printer for the templates which will force selecting a printer everytime you print. has idea of Virtual Printer setting for each user profile and also ability to generate a PDF view for each printout which can be sent to any printer

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