centalize amazon and ebay messages software

It would be great have a central hub for ebay and amazon message, it would really cut down on time as currently i have to log onto each account to respond etc,

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I guess this was forgotten about, nearly 2 years has passed since they said it was planned, any news?
Same, Reply Manager said they are waiting for Linnworks to get it moving.
At the moment we are working hard on implementing essential functionality which was planned last year, CRM system was also planned in, but it has received lesser priority than other functionality. We will review this early March and will update you guys.

I simply redirect all the email address from playtrade, amazon and ebay accounts to a single email address and answer them directly from that email account - its far easier

P.S then filter them into different folders
ReplyManager appears to be a nice piece of software. Current pricing is $50 USD a month.
Tried Reply Manager, it was horrendous. Found it to be awful software and it doesn't store sent messages so you can't keep on top of a conversation. That was the deal breaker.

The Linnworks integration into it was very limited, really not enough info, couldn't see p&p paid. Ended up having to open order in Linnworks anyway.

And you had to pay extra for it. NO THANK YOU. What we wanted was the ability to send/receive email from within Linnworks to make it complete.

A lot of time in the making and then such a disappointment. Sticking to pulling the messages into Outlook and manually looking it up.
This integration is barely half-baked. It only displays orders for a customers email address. Nothing else. All kinds of back and forth copying and pasting is still required.

We would like to see eBay and Amazon messages built into Linnworks.Net.

It would be great to have a customer support dashboard and communications/CRM could be managed from there.

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