centalize amazon and ebay messages software

It would be great have a central hub for ebay and amazon message, it would really cut down on time as currently i have to log onto each account to respond etc,

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Dear Fed,
Do you have any time frame for the integration with ReplyManger? I am eager to have it.
this would be a great idea and save so much time when refunding or changing orders
I have 5 ebay accounts and having the ability to answer questions from all ebay accounts in one central place, would be awesome and massive time saver. as i would not have to log into or out of ebay accounts to reply to people
We use ReplyManager and we're very happy with it...but the icing on the cake would be to have integration with Linnworks. What's the ETA?

I use replymanager also, how will your intergration work with it ?

Is there an update on this as it is way over the otherside of Xmas
Fed, is there any status on the new integration with replymanager ?

Just to throw this in to the mix, we have been using google's gmail program as our central messaging hub for the past couple of years and ti works quite well for us.

This way all messages are directed to an online account and our staff can reply to the message and it is sent to which ever channel it has come from and once the message has been deleted it is no longer available for another member to answer to, however if we then do a search for the customers user id for example we can then see all previous messages from the member.

Also the message come in the form of a conversation so you can just scroll down and see what has been said beforehand no matter who sent it.

Also it's totally free! :-)
We use replymanager, very happy but only went with them since you were looking to integrate with ReplyManager in the future. It's been over a year now, any ETA?
We would also like to see customer messaging built it.
Would like this too, but seems to have been forgotten about...
This is a must for us we have worked out that it can save us a full time salary as our staff spend 35% more time going in and out of screens with reply manager and also it is not easy to keep order notes up to date against tickets.
From Support:
"It is still on our long list of developments, but due to other projects it has been put on the back burner for now. It is still very much something that we would like to do, but at the moment is is very low down on our list of priorities. There is currently no ETA."
This is really really something that Linnworks must consider on priority. Either provide some integration with "REPLYMANAGER" or make their own CRM/Email management interface. Thanks

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