Allow for multiple outgoing email addresses, to distinguish between different entities the company is using on multiple channels.

Allow for multiple outgoing email addresses, to distinguish between different entities the company is using on multiple channels.

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I totally agree with the above we need a better way to keep each channel branded correctly and use the appropriate email addresses stops confusion with customers and also helps with the correct person getting the right email to deal with allot faster currently its one email bucket for all responses then need forwarded to the correct person to answer.
This is holding us back. I'd like to send Purchase Orders from an alternative email address (Purchasing) to say the email address that the Dispatch Emails are sent from (Support).

When the PDF invoicing is implemented (June/July) then it would be great to send these from an email in the accounts department.

Definitely the way forward!

We have been after this since using linnworks for the past 2-3 years.

This is the only functionality we have wanted and would love it to be installed.
This is a blocker for us too . We have different tradiing names on different channels and there own domains and reply to addresses . Not having this is a backward step from where we were . Love to see this added .
Absolutely agree that this needs to be a feature.

As Catherine wrote - we need different addresses to send & receive emails from.

This is a much needed addition and is something that is making umm & err about whether to stick with Linnworks.
We want to be able to selectively cc or bcc an email depending on the template chosen. Currently it is only possible with the one master email. Hopefully this can be incorporated into this improvement.
There are many external providers that take an automated copy of the shipment email (eg Trustpilot and Feefo) to create review emails. they only need to be cc'd on the dispatch notification and not other templates such as return receipts.
100% need this integrated ASAP
This will take away sucha huge amount of workload of my team
This is an absolute must to move the system forward.
We use multiple trading names across our many different markets and will be shut down by the marketplaces we trade in if we send emails from only one account as this multiple account is technically a breach of policy even though we do have multiple sites.
This idea needs to be pushed through ASAP.
It surely wouldn't be too difficult to write a script in the system to say 'if this channel - use this email set up' etc..?

Please integrate ASAP!!!
As others , cant understand why this has not been added as its very highly voted for , and as its not as if it needs any new logic here , just adding field to db to linking the information ot the channel and then exposing it to the templates
Fantastic, great news.
Any update on an ETA for this one?
have we got an ETA on this yet?
Is there an update on this? It is important functionality that surely most merchants would require given one email address for both customers and suppliers is quite problematic.

For us, the reason for needing this important functionality is that at present all emails being sent from Linnworks are being sent from with a reply address of

This is fine for customer related emails (e.g. order shipped confirmation emails) but we also send supplier related orders (e.g. purchase orders) and therefore suppliers are receiving emails from the wrong email address (and thus replying to emails at the wrong email address). This is causing a administrative nightmare for my back-office staff (emails going to the wrong teams).

If there were multiple email accounts available, we could then set each email template have the ability to select the appropriate email account to send from (e.g. Order Despatch or Delayed =, Purchase Order to supplier =

Please can this functionality be added asap.

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