Ideas relating to software updates:

a) Have an 'Updates audit trail' on each client, so that we can see at a glance what updates have been applied to that client, and when. I applied updates earlier today when I was in a hurry - I now haven't a clue, and cannot check, what was applied.

b) On the 'Updates audit trail', as well as showing what updates were applied, show the link (if there is one) to a further explanation on the forum of what is in the update. If this existed, I could follow this up now, later in the day, when I've got more time

c) When it says 'updates are available', provide a link (if there is one) to the forum to show more detail on what is included / fixed in the update so that we can decide whether to apply the update then or not. There is not usually enough information in the 'Updates are available' to make a decision. I don't like applying updates on Mondays, just in case there are problems, but if it's something significant I might wish to apply it.

d) I would like there to be more information about more updates. Only the major updates usually have a topic on the forum devoted to them, but it would be most useful to know in a bit more detail what is fixed in each update, rather than the very general 'open orders bug fixed', so that I can tell my staff or retrain them

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All patches are now fully documented at the following location:

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