signature required for amount over $250.

paypal requires us to get a signature required for any shipment that totals over $250. with ups shipments signature is not required, and the driver has the option to just leave the package anywhere near the front door. we have had many claims like that where people haven't received their stuff. so i am proposing that what way to ship has in their system, and OPTION TO REQUIRE SIGNATURE ON ANY SHIPMENTS TOTALING MORE THAN A CERTAIN AMOUNT. also to get insurance over a certain amount would be great.

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When shipping high value items, it is very discouraging to not be able to purchase UPS insurance on the Linnworks labels.
I agree, to say you are fully integrated with UPS and not offer insurance is not right. We NEED to be able to insure high dollar items!
By the way, there is a way to do this with Order Automation. I have just wrote a script that adds insurance to all of my FedEx items over 350 dollars. Here is the code (check linnworks documentation for order scripting for where to put it, and you will have to change the shipping services and amounts if you want. To do signature required it would be the same thing, just make sure you have postal services defined and set in your shipping integration to require signature)

if (order.ShippingMethod.ToUpper() == "FEDEX HOME DELIVERY" && order.Subtotal >= 350) { //if FedEx Home and Subtotal > 350
order.SetPostalService("FedEx Home Delivery Insured"); //change to insured
if (order.ShippingMethod.ToUpper() == "FEDEX 2-DAY" && order.Subtotal >= 350) { //if FedEx 2day and Subtotal > 350
order.SetPostalService("FedEx 2-Day Insured"); //change to insured
if (order.ShippingMethod.ToUpper() == "FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT" && order.Subtotal >= 350) { //if FedEx overnight and Subtotal > 350
order.SetPostalService("FedEx Priority Overnight Insured"); //change to insured
As Michael says, this is very possible with custom coding. We have it also setup for items over $100, $200 . Just make new shipping services in Linnworks, then have custom code to point to this shipping service, which is linked to a pre-set label in Dazzle Endicia that has insurance saved to it. Or signature confirmation saved to it is also optional.
This can be achieved through Order scripting, where if an order total is over a certain amount (in this case $250) it will be assigned to a particular service, which is set up to require a signature. We are planning to develop a shipping allocation tool in the future that will essentially be an interface which you can use to set up shipping rules.

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