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Automated printing of CN22 customs forms

We send outside of the EU, and this requires a CN22 form to be filled in. Too much time is spent filling in these forms by hand and sticking them to our parcels.

I know there must be a way of automating the printing of these forms either as part of the shipping label itself, or as a separate sticker from a sheet of stickers.

All it would need to print is the order contents, weight, price and date in the right places.

Is this something the Linnworks team would be able to implement?

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I had the same problem so just redesigned my invoices. One for the UK, one for Europe/EU and one for rest of world.
I then use conditional printing so that the correct template is used depending on the destination. It took a while to set up but saves us a lot of hassle as we too send a lot of items outside of the EU requiring a CN22.
See here:
The CN22 box has LOTS of little boxes over it with variables in to make the qty, value, item, date etc. change for each order.
For my invoices I use integrated label paper so once the invoice is printed I have my peel off address label on the left (complete with AirMail blue badge/logo) and the correct peel off CN22 on the right.
The template above looks a bit messy but here is a print preview of a real invoice (customer address disguised):
I hope this helps for the short term.

We did the same as Dean, if you need a quick hand I can show you how to do it or post the code.

All you need to do is create a 'Label and Variables' box for the field you require where you require it and enter for example:

[{NumberOfOrderItems}] x stuff I am sending
Total Value: £[{Subtotal}]

And all the other bits you need for the CN22 as plain text.

You can also implement 'Printing Conditions' to only print the template if it matches a certain source or country etc, here is an example of what I use:

(cPostCode LIKE 'AB%' or cPostCode LIKE 'CD%' or cPostCode LIKE 'EF%') AND (Source = '' or Source = 'AMAZON' AND SubSource = 'ABCDEFG' or Source = 'EBAY' AND SubSource = 'EBAY0')

You don't need the source bits if you don't need different templates for different sources.

Hi Dean

This looks really good, thank you. Did you categorise your items to get the description part?

Hi James, I wrote a massive reply to this post a few days (ish) ago... not sure what happened to it.

We are the same here, I have about 10 templates that sort by post code and templates that catch those that don't get caught by the templates, they all have CN22's. I am happy to help you out if you need it. Happy to do a remote session and set up the basics if you want...

Reply to this or drop me an email (ctbullock at

Ps, sorry Dean not to drop in but we did catagorise our items very broadly: 4 x Cool Accessory.

Here is a few of the variables you may want to use if required:
Total Value: £[{Subtotal}]
[{NumberOfOrderItems}] x Cool Accessory

Unfortunately, the example links no longer work. As the weight range of my items sent by RM vary from 70g right up to the Airmail limit of 2kg, I'm not sure I could get away with stating a weight range.

Would anyone be able to post a template as there seems little point in re-inventing wheels and I know how much this exercise will tax my grey matter? Advice gratefully received.
Make your own using the template designer provided within Linnworks.
Linnworks does not have a specific template for the CN22 label.
However it is possible to create your own by the following method using a Specific Invoice

Create a new Invoice Template
Change the paper size to match the stock paper you are using.
This can be a specific label if you are using a thermal printer.
Download the Royal Mail template for the CN22 (currently at and insert as an image
Drag on an variable box and reference the specific order information.
This can then be positioned to the blank spaces so that the most of the data can be automatically populated.
Rename the invoice as "CN22"
The label can then be printed by right-clicking on an order in the Open Order screen and selecting Print > Print Specific Invoice > CN22
You can generate your own CN22s here with this cool free tool. If you ship alot of the same products out then you can just stock up. May be harder to implement for those with a wide sku catalogue. But it's a reasonable free alternative

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