Send an invoice to customer by email

Right clicking on any processed order gives the option to email that customer a copy of their invoice. We sometimes have customers ask for invoices and at present I would print, scan and email the customer this upon request.

A time saver for me, any one else?

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yes that is very handy. We also need the option to email / print the invoice for FBA orders
I just asked about this same thing the other day. Seems silly to have to copy all the information the customer is requesting, to a new email, when A) its already in linnworks b) linnworks already has email communication c) you can already one-shot open-orders, cant be too different to work with processed ones.
yes. allow us to send email for processed order. This save us a lot of time.
Great news. Look forward to this it will be a real time saver for us all, the best since refunds/returns was introduced!
Glad to hear you are implementing this, its a no brainer in terms of time saving. Good job.
Is there a confirmed date on when PDF invoicing will be implemented?
we will bring back PDF invoicing in June/July. Will implement functionality to email from processed and open orders.


This has now been completed and will be released in one of the next patches
Has this been implemented now? i still can't see the option to email an invoice to processed orders?
While PDF invoicing was added to the system I can confirm that sending an email from the Processed Order screen is not something that has been added or will be in the near future. We will be expanding our CRM functionality in the future and enhanced email functionality is something that we are looking to add to this.

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