Be able to refund directly to PayPal and Amazon from an order

Instead of having to go to each individual website to refund a payment each order should show better / clearer payment information. Eg. an eBay order paid via PayPal would have the paypal email address, total amount paid via PayPal, the transaction id, whether the address is verified or not and then the ability to adjust the order amount and refund directly from here to PayPal. This can be done as it is available on other software as well as refunding directly to Amazon as well, and recording this in the order.

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Latest update from LW Jan 22 2015 .....
For your reference, no ETA has yet been set for this project/feature.

However, your details along with the Id for this support ticket have been linked to our Project planner.
When work commences on implementation we will endeavour to keep you informed via a new support ticket on progress.
so not exactly 'started / currently completing final stages' - big LOL
I'm guessing that the hold up will be due to eBay's overly complicated new resolution/returns system? Would be nice to have an update though please Linnworks?
When producing a refund and/or cancelation of order the link takes us to the Paypal transaction details which makes it easy to process.

eBay now say that we have to got eBay directly and refund to also cancel the order. If we refund from Paypal the order then has to be canceled manually.

Is there any chance of making the link goto the eBay order rather than the Paypal transaction?
The functionality is completed for Amazon only and is available directly in the channel config

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