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Integrate with SagePay to take card payments directly

When taking a new order it would be great to take card details directly through Linnworks. A direct integration with Sagepay for example should not compromise security as no card details are stored.

If this were done it would be great if using the transaction id you could link in website orders so that refunds could be processed directly.

In my opinion integration with payment systems, including PayPal and Amazon is an area that needs looking at in Linnworks (still great software though).

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I agree, this would make Linnworks the perfect solution for my companies entire order processing.
Great idea, we get a lot of telephone orders and it would be a massive time saver.
No payment gateways in the current development plan.
This would be a great as this will help a lot.
This is a much needed solution. Currently you can take orders directly through linnworks, however you then have to log into a terminal to take payment. An integrated solution would make Linnworks the superior system on the market.

Would love to know why this was declined when initally proposed.

Raised 5 years ago but no progress? This is a stop factor in us implementing LW. We take offline orders - we need to be able to take card & paypal payments as an integral part of the offline/tel order process.

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