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There have been a few requests for a way to record failed deliveries but we would like to be able to take it one step further with a customer service area where queries regarding orders, item not received claims and complaints could be managed and recorded against the actual orders in linnworks.

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Sounds like integration with ReplyManager, which they said they planned in the future.
I agree something is needed.
Yes. Linnworks have all the data we need to answer buyer's inquiry. It should be the best use for CRM
The integration with ReplyManager sounds like a very promising opportunity. We currently use them here, and are very impressed with the capabilitys, threading, linking etc.

One addition to this suggestion would be an easier "notes" section. One thing we like about ShipWorks was the ease of notes on customer accounts. We tend to copy and paste all communications with the customers in this section, so we know what's going on if they contact us again. Same goes with phone communications; CS reps are expected to note what the call was about and the date/time occurred.

If there could be a way to create a customer service area with an easy to use notes section, that ALSO recorded email communications using reply manager, this would amazing. I would have virtually no need for any other software.
Regardless of the ReplyManager integration -- which I'm looking forward to -- it would be nice to have a customer screen to lookup all information about a customer, their orders, returns, reorders, etc. Basically, information in the Linnworks system just centered around the customer.
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we have a CRM tab on LW

First impressions: It looks promising. It is VERY fast compared to looking up Processed Orders or other methods. A great amount of customer data is there, even customers from before we used LW. Past orders and whatnot are there as well.

I know it is in in the infancy stage, but I'd like to make a few suggestions.

1. NOTES Section, easy to access, possibly a 4th row below Order History in the "View Customer" tab.

2. More search parameters; eBay user ID is a big one. Perhaps an open search that searches all fields for a particular entry.

3. More functionality with the rest of LW features; of the top of my head I can think of the ability to create new or replacement orders, and have them placed in the Open Orders section.

4. Ability to communicate with the customer (via email) directly from this page. This could be a valuable marketing tool if we could select a segment of customers to target.

In a past business venture I used ShipWorks. They lack A TON of features that LW does. But, they did the above very well, quickly and efficiently. It might be worth taking a look and developing something similar in LW.
Either way, looking good. I am excited!
We have added a CRM screen to the system as of early February, however this is very much in its infancy. We plan to add a lot more features to this screen once commitments to other projects have been cleared.

In regards to claims and complaints against an order. It is suggested to add an order note against the order.

I think the point has been missed here. We would like a way of flagging up a customer or address where there have been issues against previous orders. This would then enable us to review the shipping method or even cancel the order. This would be a valuable fraud prevention tool. We already record notes against problem orders but there is no way of showing them on new orders from the same customer/address.

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