Users should be able to change time zones

Linnworks order times and processing times are fixed at UTC. This means receipt and process times are not the same as a user's local time. Where there is a great difference in time zones such as in Australia which is 12 hrs ahead this causes the analytics to report sales and stock movement on different days. A simple solution to this would be an option that allows users to configure timezones, and the times that appear to them would be adjusted accordingly.

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Linnworks needs to make integration for Australian users more accessible.
This is planned as configurable option in

All the provisions have now been made and we will be adding the option to set the timezone very soon.
Hello is this option already available?


Requested 6 years ago and this still isn't an option?

Please advise when this feature is avail. 

In web version of Linnworks all Order times are displayed in your local time. 

When it comes to things like rules engine or import/export schedule, the time should be specified in UTC. 

Pivotal Analytics reports all data in UTC to ensure reports produce the same figures across all timezone.

We are working on dashboards, (at the moment they are only available on > Sales), but will be released in soon. There all data is reported in your local time. 

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