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All items marked as paid in Ebay should be marked as paid on Linnworks

If an item is paid via bank deposit on eBay and a user manually marks the order as paid on eBay, linnworks does not automatically mark it as paid after sync. The only way it can be automatically marked as paid is by manually changing it in the order details in linnworks. If the goods are automatically marked as paid by paypal on eBay then it is synced correctly as paid on Linnworks.

Payment records should sync from eBay to linnworks regardless of the method.

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This is a current thread on the forum

I agree this is a massive downfall with the eBay side of things
All the payment methods that are available to mark as paid automatically are already implanted into the mark as paid update from eBay

Unfortunately with payment methods such as Bank Transfers they are not a reliable source as the customer can not pay for an item and still mark it as paid, therefore it is better to not mark the order as paid, also with manual marking as paid some times eBay may not provide us with an update.

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